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Meet The Characters: Wielder Edition

Meet the main characters from the Gatebreaker series. These characters are introduced in Wielder, book 2.

Warning: there may be spoilers for book 1!

Maren & Annistyn

Maren and Annistyn are Lydia's only friends in the Court of Thavell. They've helped her navigate the social landscape since she became the Gatebreaker. The more Lydia learns about Thavell, the more she realizes she isn't immune to the political maneuvering of the court and its people. Her decisions affect everyone and there might not be a way to make sure all of her friends are happy.


Jaclyn is the daughter of the Duke of Fenwood. Highly popular, she has a high status in the kingdom of Thavell and is betrothed to Prince Aidric. Jaclyn doesn't fawn over Lydia unlike most people in court. And Lydia suspects the other girl knows more than she lets on about the feelings Lydia still has for Aidric.


Tristan is a Knight of Thavell, and Prince Aidric's most trusted friend. Lydia comes to rely on him for protection and friendship during her time in the court. But when things get rocky between the wielders and the nobles who don't have magic, is she sure she can trust him?


Dana is a wielder, brought to the castle from the city of Windburn to learn with the Scholars. Lydia discovers that not everyone is as excited about their magic and living at the castle as she is.

Find out more about how this cast of characters interacts with Lydia and her friends in book 2 of the Gatebreaker series, Wielder. The ebook and paperback are available in my store and all major online retailers.


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