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An injured horse, a lost girl, and the magic that binds them together.


The morning of Adeline's sixteenth birthday dawns like any other. But while she dreams of spending time with her boyfriend, Sawyer, and planning their future together, a nobleman shows up and Adeline is forced to make good on a contract that was signed when she was a baby.


With the time she thought she had running through her fingertips, Adeline has only days to plan an escape. Meanwhile, she has to worry about her relationship with Sawyer and what to do about her new mistress Katalia.


But when Adeline enters the forbidden Golden Forest to save an injured horse, she never expects to unlock secrets older than the kingdom. Will these secrets lead her to the freedom she desires?


Into the Forest is a prequel novella set a generation before the events of Gatebreaker.

Into the Forest (Gatebreaker Novella)

  • You will receive this digital file as an epub which can be loaded to all major tablets and ereaders. Please check with your device manufacturer for how to download your file onto your device.

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