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Meet The Characters: Into The Forest Edition (Gatebreaker Prequel)

Meet the main characters from the Gatebreaker series. These characters are introduced in Into the Forest, a prequel to Gatebreaker.


Adeline is an orphan living in the remote village of Barr, within the kingdom of Thavell. She's overcome many challenges throughout the years as she protects the younger orphans from their cruel headmistress. But she faces her biggest challenge yet when she learns she's to become a lady's maid on her sixteenth birthday. She has to decide if she will accept her fate or fight for a life that she desires.


Sawyer is Adeline's best friend. He's the son of the blacksmith, a prominent family in Barr. He and Adeline have shared trials and good times over the years. But now she wonders if there is something more between them right when it could be ripped away.


Katalia is the daughter of Lord Walsh and the Lady of Galen. She is betrothed to Bleddyn, Prince of Thavell, and is set to join the court at Winburn at the turn of the year. Her father has arranged for Adeline to become her lady's maid and accompany her on this journey. But Katalia is not what Adeline expected. She discovers there may be more to her new mistress than meets the eye.


When Adeline and Sawyer find an injured horse in the forbidden Golden Forest, Adeline is determined to nurse it back to health. She doesn't know that this horse, who she names Seren, has secrets of his own that could change the course of her life.

Lord Walsh

Lord Walsh, Katalia's father, is the Lord of Galen and a powerful nobleman in the kingdom of Thavell. Barr is one of the smaller villages in his lands, but he's always taken an interest in this village that sits on the outside of the mysterious Golden Forest.

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