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Michelle Wilson's Books


A dangerous world filled with magic. And now there’s no way home.


Caught between two worlds. Magic is the only thing she can rely on.


The realms are open. The rebellion is in shambles. And Lydia is on the run.

More Gatebreaker Stories

Into The Forest

An injured horse, a lost girl, and the magic that binds them together. A prequel novella set a generation before the events of Gatebreaker.

Dragons and Destiny

Destiny is calling. But Sophie doesn’t want to heed the call. Will she survive her first year at Animage Academy?

Portals and Prophecies

The daughter of the dragon must fall. Welcome to year two of Animage Academy.

Twins and Trials

Family is everything. And Sophie will risk it all to protect hers.

Slayers and Sacrifices

The Slayers have returned and the stakes have never been higher as Sophie enters her last year at Animage Academy.

Forgotten Kingdom

Elina is determined to unravel the secrets of Elfheim. But will finding the truth be worth the cost if it means giving up the future she desires?

Ever After Again

Enter the world of your favorite tales like you've never experienced them before. This is the first book in The Hidden Worlds Series co-authored by Lindsey S. Frantz, K.D. Reid, and Michelle Wilson.

Dragon Keeper's Academy

Welcome to the Dragon Keeper's Academy: a school full of humans, witches, warlocks, fae, and werewolves, where only the best and brightest get chosen to become a Dragon Keeper.

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