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Meet The Characters: Gatebreaker Edition

Meet the main characters from book 1 of the Gatebreaker series.


The day of Lydia's sixteenth birthday, she finds herself swept away into the world of Adylra. Now, she has to discover how to get herself and her friends back to their home. But she also has to contend with her secret and what it means for the troubled kingdom of Thavell.


When Lydia finds Aidric lost in the forest, she doesn't know he's the Crowned Prince of Thavell. He saves her life and discovers her secret. But can she trust him when she knows he will do anything to protect the people of his kingdom?


Erin and Lydia have been best friends for as long as they can remember. She's Lydia's biggest supporter and fiercely protects those she loves. Lydia will need her kindness and support as they navigate the unknown world of Adylra and get caught up in the political games of Thavell.


Murphy is Erin's protective older brother and Lydia's friend. He wears his heart on his sleeve and cares about encouraging and helping others. Lydia was starting to wonder if their friendship might turn into something more when they get swept away to another world. Now she has to navigate her feelings and her guilt as they unearth more than they bargained for in Adylra.


John is Erin's boyfriend and Murphy's best friend. He is clever and keeps his cards close to his chest. Lydia isn't the only one who wants to get home, and he's determined to help find a way—no matter what it takes.


King Bleddyn is the much-loved King of Thavell. His outgoing and gregarious personality has endeared him to his subjects throughout his rule. He's tough as nails and doesn't trust easily, but he prides himself on being a good and just king. He knows there's something different about Lydia and her friends, and he's determined to use that to his advantage.

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