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Caught between two worlds. Magic is the only thing she can rely on.


Lauded as the Gatebreaker throughout the Kingdom of Thavell, Lydia struggles to adjust to court life and her growing powers. With John in the wind, and Erin and Murphy pushing back on all of her choices, finding a way to get back home seems further out of her grasp than ever. She can’t even lean on Prince Aidric as Lady Jaclyn pulls him away.


The king takes Lydia under his wing. He provides her political protection and Lydia uses her magic to help him find Wielders across the country to join the Palace Scholars. As Lydia gets more immersed into life in Adylra she has to decide once and for all: Does she got back to her old life with her friends, or does she stay in Adylra forever?


But when a trip to the city puts Lydia life in danger, she begins to question everything knows. Her magic may not be enough to save her this time.

Wielder (Gatebreaker #2)

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  • You will receive this digital file as an epub which can be loaded to all major tablets and ereaders. Please check with your device manufacturer for how to download your file onto your device.

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