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A dangerous world filled with magic. And now there’s no way home.


When Lydia and her friends get trapped after an earthquake, their only chance for survival is walking through the mysterious gateway they find deep within the mountains. They arrive in the world of Adylra. A land of magic, unicorns, and danger. When the gateway back home disappears, they find themselves stranded and searching for a way back.


As Lydia struggles with the growing power inside her Aidric, the Prince of Thavell, discovers her secret. Together they work to unlock the mysteries of her magic. But the more Lydia learns, the more she realizes the prince and the king may have their own plans for her magic. As alliances strain and her friends are thrust into dangerous situations, the answer to how to get home eludes them. And Lydia worries what will happen when her friends find she’s the reason they’re lost.


And she may be the reason they can’t get back home.

Gatebreaker (Gatebreaker #1)

  • You will receive this digital file as an epub which can be loaded to all major tablets and ereaders. Please check with your device manufacturer for how to download your file onto your device.

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