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What is a serial?

A serial is a publishing format where a larger story is published in smaller, sequential installments. 

Currently, the only serial published by Michelle Wilson is the Forgotten Kingdom, a fantasy romance serial published on Kindle Vella. 

Read the first episodes for free on Kindle Vella.

Forgotten Kingdom

Elina is determined to unravel the secrets of Elfheim. But will finding the truth be worth the cost if it means giving up the future she desires?

Read the first episodes for free on Kindle Vella.

Quotes From Forgotten Kingdom


Our village has long told stories about babies born on the night of the Reaping. In some, the babes are replaced with changelings. In others, they are spirited away as sacrifices to—them. But it is absurd. The legends about that other realm and the beasts that dwell there are just that—legends. 

Tales we use to blind ourselves to reality.

Find out more about Forgotten Kingdom on the blog

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