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Portals and Prophecies

Animage Academy

The daughter of the dragon must fall. Welcome to year two of Animage Academy.

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The daughter of the dragon must fall.

Between dragon’s wings that have sprung out of her back and Simon’s prophecy haunting her dreams, Sophie is more than ready to start her second year at Animage Academy and put the stress of the summer behind her. However, it doesn’t take her long to realize the events of last year are not in the past for some students and even her friends are dealing with problems that have followed them to school.

But then something sinister is making its way through the schools of magic across the country. In some places, students are disappearing. Others are dealing with afflictions of their magic that make it unpredictable until it all drains, something taking their life with it. And it looks like Animage Academy is next.

Everyone is looking to her, but Sophie doesn’t know if she’s strong enough or smart enough to figure out how everything is connected and save the day. But if she doesn’t, her best friend may pay the price.

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