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Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds is a collaboration between friends and authors Michelle Wilson, K.D. Reid, and Lindsey S. Frantz. Each book is a collection stories by each of us. We write and put out new books when we are inspired by new ideas.

The Hidden Worlds Books

Ever After Again

Enter the world of your favorite tales like you've never experienced them before. This is the first book in The Hidden Worlds Series co-authored by Lindsey S. Frantz, K.D. Reid, and Michelle Wilson.

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Dragon Keeper's Academy

Welcome to the Dragon Keeper's Academy: a school full of humans, witches, warlocks, fae, and werewolves, where only the best and brightest get chosen to become a Dragon Keeper.

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Pick up this book. Reading it is like discovering fairytales all over again. The twists these three authors put on the old stories make them new, exciting, and unique. I procrastinated reading the last story in here because I didn’t want it to be over. I don’t even think I could pick which one was my favorite. This is a beautifully written collection that will reignite wonder within your soul.
Praise for Ever After Again
Kindle Reviewer

The Hidden Worlds Authors

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