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The realms are open. The rebellion is in shambles. And Lydia is on the run. 


After breaking free of the castle, Lydia and Aidric discover that finding the rebellion is no simple task. As they race across Thavell with the king hot on their trail, they encounter magic and creatures like they've never seen before. 


Just when Lydia thinks they're safe, she and Aidric are kidnapped by Faeries and transported to the Faerie Realm. But amidst the magic and intrigue in the kingdom of floating islands, all is not what it seems. Something is hunting the Faeries, and they are all in danger. After her imprisonment and losing her friends, Lydia once again finds herself lost and hoping for a miracle. But no one is coming to save her. 


Can she rise to the challenge before it's too late? 


Loyalties will be tested in book three of the Gatebreaker series, a clean young adult fantasy adventure. Find out what happens to Lydia next.

Firebrand (Gatebreaker #3)

$4.99 Regular Price
$0.99Sale Price
Firebrand is expected to release in September 2024.
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